Living amid a global pandemic, do you find yourself moving through the motions of everyday life but beneath the surface feel an undercurrent of disconnect to what is most meaningful to you?

Is your motivation to nourish your body and spirit waning?

Your creative flame extinguished?

Are you exhausted by the yearning for something
more but lost in not knowing the path forward?

Create internal space • Connect to your soul Tend your Sacred fire • Live your light

There is a deeper calling of your soul that begs you to pay attention to the beauty, magic, and wonder all around you.
The Illuminate Your Soul Essence program is the answer to that calling.

In the news, and all around, it’s apparent we exist in a time where the old systems and structures are revealing their inadequacies. While deep within, you may also feel an unsettling – an uprising. Old ways of just existing versus truly living are ready to be released, and require the courage to live truthfully, and in alignment with your highest self amidst turbulent times. Your mind and spirit recognize your old ways of being are no longer sufficient.

In this critical moment of change, you need a space to safely go deep within to connect to the neglected parts of you. These parts that you tucked away long ago, fearing abandonment and rejection by those you love. When quite possibly, it is you who have abandoned yourself by placing everyone else’s needs before your own, to the point that you’ve forgotten what brings you joy.

Your moment to step into the light of self-knowing and shed the darkness of past pain is NOW — for your own well-being and for the evolution of our world. We are all connected, and any action we take to elevate our frequency affects the whole. What you do to heal yourself contributes to the healing of your family lineage – past, present, future – and the planet.

It is time to reconnect with your most authentic self, free yourself from past confinements, and find your calm in the chaos. It is your turn to stand as an unshakeable pillar of love and serenity despite the storms that rage.

The Illuminate Your Soul Essence Program is an opportunity to:

  • Connect to the whisper of your soul’s radiance and lovingly give yourself permission to explore what’s in your heart.

  • Learn to free yourself from the outdated stories of imposed expectations from others, allowing you to claim your true self and your mission in this time of extraordinary shifts.

  • Benefit from the support of a like-hearted community as you navigate the stresses and new complexities of the holidays during a pandemic.

  • Be guided and supported in shadow work. It is here where you prepare to compassionately shine light on the parts of you that have been hidden, shamed, or rejected (e.g, addictions, feeling less than or inadequate, as well as hiding your brilliance).

  • Develop powerful daily practices that will bring you in touch with your soul and the beauty and healing power of the natural world.

  • Discern the difference between your limited ego-mind that keeps you small and your joyful and expansive soul essence.

  • Be held in a loving and strong container of accountability, spiritual exploration, expansion and transformation.

 “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Ready to claim your magical and empowered life?

Program Format

  • (12) 2-hour live Zoom gatherings, held on weekly Wednesdays from 1-3 pm ET beginning October 28, 2020 – January 27, 2020 (all classes will be recorded).

  • 6 powerful themed bonus workshops offered on weeknights (all bonus workshops will be recorded).

Program Offerings

  • Recommitment to a daily meditation practice as your foundation.

  • Tools and techniques to build intuition and your psychic abilities.

  • Daily spiritual care practices for grounding, to raise your frequency, protect yourself from misaligned energies, and reduce anxiety and stress.

  • Journaling exercises to explore your heart’s hidden mysteries.

  • Teachings on the power of intention and soul vision boarding for manifesting your soul’s desires.

  • Explore ways to honor and connect to your beloved ancestors, spirit guides, and angels.

  • Introduction to Family and Systemic Constellations healing. This mystical healing work allows participants to tap into the collective consciousness of a family system’s energy to identify and release trauma, disempowering beliefs, and unhealthy behaviors inherited from prior generations.

  • Teachings on authentic communication, boundary setting, and emotional IQ.

  • Bonus Teachings from transformational leaders that complement the weekly teachings.

  • Weekly “heart work” assignments to practice teachings in your daily life.

  • Structured “buddy groups” to provide peer support, build relationships, and provide loving accountability.

  • Private Facebook group for connection, continued support, guidance, idea and resource sharing to grow together as a spiritual community.


One-on-One Coaching Session:
90-minute private transformational coaching session with Jean.

Experiential Intuitive Development workshop with Lisa Campion, author, psychic healer, energy medicine teacher.

Intro to the Enneagram Workshop
a spiritual personality typing system

Exploring Plant-based Eating Workshop with Lauren D’Agostino, plant-based chef, intuitive cooking coach, and author. 

Self-Love Lab Workshop with Robyn Vogel, psychotherapist and certified relationship and sex coach.

Full Moon Manifestation and ancestral honoring ritual.

Yoga Nidra Practice: Ancient yogic meditation practice of deep and nourishing rest to reset the body, mind, and soul.

Jean Papagni

Jean Papagni is a transformational coach, Family Constellations facilitator, and yoga and meditation teacher who works with individuals and groups in helping them identify and shift the disempowering beliefs and unconscious behavior patterns that no longer serve them, to open doorways to more authentic self-expression, freedom and self-love. Jean is a Certified Co-Active Coach through CTI, is a trained Family and Systemic Constellations facilitator, energy medicine healer, meditation teacher and a certified yoga instructor. She incorporates practices of presence, heart opening, energy medicine, sacred ritual, intuition building, meditation, conscious movement and breath into all of her work.

The Cure for it All by Julie Fehrenbacher

Go gently today, don’t hurry

or think about the next thing. Walk

with the quiet trees, can you believe

how brave they are—how kind? Model your life

after theirs. Blow kisses

at yourself in the mirror

especially when

you think you’ve messed up. Forgive

yourself for not meeting your unreasonable

expectations. You are human, not

God—don’t be so arrogant.

Praise fresh air

clean water, good dogs. Spin

something from joy. Open

a window, even if

it’s cold outside. Sit. Close

your eyes. Breathe. Allow

the river

of it all to pulse

through eyelashes

fingertips, bare toes. Breathe in

breathe out. Breathe until

you feel

your bigness, until the sun

rises in your veins. Breathe

until you stop needing anything

to be different.